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Out Of My Mind On A Wednesday Mornin'

Updated: May 19, 2023

The Moderna CEO stated today that the pandemic will be over by summer. The blue states have lifted their mask requirements, now allowing students to go to school without them and who cares about vaccines anymore. Why now? November 8. Most interesting is too see what happens if a new variant starts up similar to the Delta variant and what governments do then.

Is the “metaverse” the next social media phenomenon or just a hoax dreamt up by the CEO and founder of Facebook (oops, I meant Meta), Mark Zuckerberg? With his social media sites Facebook and Instagram faltering (YouTube still going strong), he needs a new hit. And right now anything related with the metaverse is sinking.

And speaking of sinking, looks like I was blessed not to appear on the cover of BusinessWeek or Forbes. Just recently Tobi Lutke, the CEO of Spotify got the privilege and the article was very impressive on how Spotify was the anti-Amazon. The stock was around $1600 a share and hit more than $1700. Alas now it is barely over $700 a share. Looks like Jeff Bezos is getting in the last laugh.

Amazon is amazing and it is no wonder they continue to run circles around Walmart and Target when it comes to online shopping. I needed a garden hose because the weather is turning warm and I have to power wash my garage (yes I am really out of my mind). The thought of going to a store to get a hose was revolting. So I ordered on Amazon in the morning and it was delivered to my home in the afternoon. Try to get that service anywhere else. They just launched “Reacher” on Prime, love Jack Reacher, he has been in more than 20 books by Lee Child. Just finished Ozark S4P1, what a climatic finish (Darlene had it coming though). Poor Ruth.

A bit of good news on the supply chain front. FCL’s are now heading towards $20,000, far better than $25-$30,000. If they get to $15,000, we will start to see some relief on the inflation front. But could be too little too late for farmers who are reeling due to higher costs. That means look for even higher food costs later this year.

Finally MGM is reopening Springfield and National Harbor spas and expanding their Vegas hours. Disney is reopening Grand Floridian but are keeping the remaining spas closed. Spas like so many other businesses have been hit by multiple causes and the thing is, demand for spa services has never been better.

Starbucks will overtake Subway as the largest chain of fast-food restaurants. The question is when will they be open on a consistent basis? Worse, the CEO announced new price increases which will bring the average latte to more than five bucks.

If you watch YouTube, you know just about every video now has multiple ads. So annoying. Of course you can opt in and pay for premium YouTube. But hey, since I am the CEO of TNG Worldwide and this is my blog, I can do an ad on every blog, it doesn’t cost me anything. Besides, chances are you will want the product because all our products are so cool and best in class. Today’s mention is our new ForPro Premium Rechargeable Callus Remover. What makes it special is our refill heads, beautiful blue and they really take care of callus build-up.

ForPro Expert Rechargeable Foot Care Callus Remover Kit

One of the best NFL post-season’s ever. Even the Super Bowl was good. Guess how many chicken wings were consumed in the U.S. that day? 1.4 billion. That is a lot of f----g chickens.

Happy Wednesday!


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