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Out Of My Mind On A Wednesday Mornin’

Why do we have mailboxes anymore? Remember as a kid how excited you were to get the mail and perhaps there was a letter for you or even better, something that you sent away for like a Valvoline decal or stamp set? And why do we still rifle through the mail in front of the mailbox?

I was a guest presenter at the MSU Entrepreneurial class. After 90 minutes, either the Z generation has serious issues or Baby Boomers are so old they will never be able to relate. I waved a legal pad in front of the class and asked if they knew what it was. More than 75% of the class did not. Then when I said paper and pen was needed for my class, everyone got out their backpacks and hunted for paper and pen. What I have come to realize is that students now have a tough time reading, writing and talking. One thing they can do well: Texting.

In case you did not know what music genre the Z’s are listening to, after extensive research, I found out it is not rap. That is so passé! The new genre is TRAP, even more vile than rap. Not surprisingly, virtually every student recognized a popular song I played.

Did you save $8.62 today on Amazon?

Can you tell me the #1 brand of laundry detergent, toilet paper, facial tissue, toothpaste, peanut butter and cookies? Now can you tell me what year each brand was introduced? Now you know the power of three TV channels and not even Google can come close to.

I’m loving the new season of Homeland but not too crazy about the premier of Billions. Are you watching HBO’s Westworld?

Did you download Super Mario Run? More than 80 million have already. It’s fun but exhausting and I have yet to pay for the full game version.

Burger King is buying Popeye’s. When was the last time you went to either?

Speaking of buying, KraftHeinz wants to buy Unilever for $55B and change. Of course Unilever owns a bunch of food brands such as Ben & Jerry’s but they also own TIGI, Living Proof and Dermalogica. If the deal gets done, Kraft will spin off the beauty brands to another company. Amazing. And it’s not too farfetched to think Coty might buy them.

Getting behind distracted drivers going under speed limit while they are texting or doing whatever is becoming more and more commonplace. No wonder there are more accidents and deaths on the roads than ever before. And then when you pass them and look at the driver, the driver is clueless.

Spring training games start Friday, spring is right around the corner. With 60’s last weekend and this week, us Michigander’s will take February’s like this each and every year. What a difference weather can make in one’s mood and attitude. It’s no wonder why Midwestern’s are the nicest people around.

Happy Wednesday!


Adam Harris was born in coal country, right in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. His father, Gregory, worked the mines every day and came home to his best friend, Jim Beam. Gregory had many frie


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