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Out Of My Mind On A Wednesday Mornin’

I just broke in my shorts, flip-flops and Jimmy Buffett t-shirt and now the calendar says September is in two days. Where did summer go? We all say time is flying by and while we watch it fly by, it still amazes me how elusive time is.

I got a chuckle out of this cartoon (one of my favorites). What is really funny is that everyone wants to exploit the men’s personal care category but men make really lousy shoppers.

The 10th Anniversary of the iPhone takes place next month. There will be 3 new models, this one being the one everyone is talking about and hitting the $1000 price point (I would have spent $40,000 just a few years ago to get these features and then some). I love the 3D facial recognition system, same thing that CLEAR uses at airports. How great to have inductive charging and not plugging in anymore. And the screen is going to be super cool. Now this is innovation at its best.

Why is it when we come to a door and it is locked we try a second time to open it? Like the second try is ever going to happen.

Appears Wall Street is no longer infatuated with beauty companies except Estee Lauder. Coty, Revlon and Sally are in the dumps hitting new lows while Ulta appears to be a screaming buy, more than 100 points off its high. They are opening more than 100 stores in 2017 and growth is still double digits. Truly an amazing story that has many new chapters ahead of it.

Football season is here and that means another year for MSU and everyone wondering what team will show up on the field (we already know too much about off the field). I’m hoping for 6-7 wins with one of them coming in Ann Arbor. I know those smart ass Wolverines are salivating this year. First let’s see if they can beat Florida.

Our new Fizzy Bomb Favorites Gift Kit hasn’t showed up yet but is nearly sold out. I would say this is one of the most exciting products for holiday this year but I’m already finalizing the most exciting product for bath in 2018. It will be like eating Chinese food on Easter Sunday!

Can someone explain to me why Detroit sport fans continue to buy tickets to watch their teams lose? I mean serious, the Tigers are as bad as they have ever been yet fans are still buying tickets. Why? Perhaps the same reason Stafford got $135M being a losing QB (51-58 record). I get that the Ford family can pay Stafford when the team valuation continues to skyrocket. The Lions are the second lowest valued team in the NFL but still worth more than $1.5 billion, $200 million increase over last year alone. Perhaps if the fans stop buying tickets, the Ford family might actually have a reason to win because it certainly isn’t about money.

Then again there is Floyd Mayweather who just earned $300M for a single fight. His 50-0 record has earned him more than $1B during his career. Now that is amazing.

Sorry but I have to limit today’s news headlines to three words or less. I have never spent less time reading or listening to news as this year. Trump (enough said). North Korea (over and done). Russia (has anything changed?). Harvey & Houston (terrible, just terrible). Thank God for Sirius XM and channel 24 is all I can say!

The new MSU Business Pavilion broke ground and is scheduled to open in 2019. Very exciting indeed!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!


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