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Out Of My Mind On A Wednesday Mornin’

Is there anything like a tooth ache or broken tooth to get you to the dentist post haste? There are few pains that demand immediate attention like that inside the mouth. Today I go for Phase 2 of my implant, this after waiting four months for the dried bones they inserted into my gums to take root so they could screw a post into my mouth. Jolly good news is that I get to wait another two months for the post to heal. Then the good dentist can mount the crown in Phase 3.

What is it with “Resort Fees?” First you pay for the hotel room, then you pay the various taxes, then you pay a resort fee which is typically $35 per day for hotels in the USA and between 10%-15% for hotels in Mexico and other tourist spots. I asked the last hotel what I received for the resort fee and they told me use of the facilities (pool) and bottled water in the room. Total profit generator.

Baseball season should start April 16, a true celebration considering the day after tax day. And playing baseball beforehand especially in this unending winter is craziness.

Sally Beauty Holdings announced a Cost Reduction Plan April 4. What does that mean? About 500 layoffs. With $1.9 BILLION in debt, could Sally become another Toys R Us? And with Pureology the latest hair care company just announcing its strategic direction to partner with Amazon (thank you Harlan), what chances do salons have to retail products in the future?  It’s no wonder why companies such as L’Oreal and Paul Mitchell do everything possible to point consumers to their direct websites and Amazon, they understand hairdressers could care less.

I had the joy of going to Knott’s Berry Farm in California with my two grandkids. One didn’t want to go on rides and one only wanted to throw tantrums. Kiddie ride lines were about 45 minutes for a 60-second ride. Adult rides were about one hour but you could buy a fast pass for $63 per adult to skip the lines. Amusement park enjoyment must be at an all-time low. I’ll stick to zoos, aquariums and beaches.

Who needs to watch the current seasons of Homeland and Billions when you have Trump in the White House? Got to love it when a lawyer needs a lawyer.

Got to love the fact about tariffs too. Just when Trump announced 10% additional duties on aluminum, Reynolds America announced a 6% price increase. Another fact about tariffs: Most goods made in China cannot be made in the USA due to labor, pollution, materials and other factors. Can you imagine Millennial’s making cotton swabs and rounds?

I tossed out my Centrum’s. Confirmed research: Not only no benefit in taking daily supplements, but there is research pointing that supplements can do just the opposite for your health. Eat right and no worries.

And so much for hot yoga, infrared studios and extreme exercising. Research out that sweating does not release toxins from the body. Oh well, it’s all about the state of mind after sweating.

Last but not least, the new Little Caesar’s Arena hardly performed any magic for the Pistons and Red Wings. Neither team made the playoffs, and not to make the playoffs is pitiful considering about 75% of the teams make it. The last time this happened: 1982-1983 season. Oh well as they say, there is always next year.

Happy Wednesday!


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