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Out Of My Mind On My Birthday

You know you are getting old as Jimmy Buffett says in one of his songs, “Girls start calling you sir,” and when you get cards that state there are too many candles to fit on top of the cake and even lewd cards like this one: The nurse is talking to an elderly couple and addresses the man, “The doctor would like a urine sample, stool sample and semen sample.” The man says “What does he want?” The wife answers, “Your underwear.” OK, love the happy birthday wishes but at the end of the day, it is just another day and I love quoting Buffett, “I’m getting older but never growing up.”

Loved the cookies that magically appeared today as well! Thank you to the mystery gift buyer!

What category is bigger: Baby diapers or adult diapers? Good answer, adult diapers and growing past $10B a year. The biggest issue the product has: It’s name. Perhaps they can make birthday cards with them or start advertising during NFL games. Women actually have bigger needs for these than men, so perhaps give them away on the Ellen show. More joys of getting old.

My hip is doing great, thanks for asking.

Now that Coty has put most of the P&G brands it bought for $12B and OPI up for sale (now that is a big markdown), who is going to buy them? And with Revlon still for sale, what is that saying about the pro beauty business? Let’s see if private equity steps in or one of the large public companies like L’Oreal or Henkel.

Not a good day to be in the food delivery business. Grubhub wrote a 16-page letter to its shareholders explicitly stating they no longer had a competitive edge in the business. Everyone and anyone can deliver food from restaurants. Their stock plunged 40%. Even Amazon got out of the business. And what about Uber and Lyft? The entire WeWork story is something for TV. No wonder key brands are doing so well, makes perfect sense for LVMH to add Tiffany to their collection.

Speaking of TV, finished season 2 of Succession, one of the best series ever. Now watching The Loudest Voice on Showtime, the true story about Roger Ailes life who started Fox News with Robert Murdoch. Utterly fascinating.

Consumer spending is targeted at $1456 this holiday season, about a 5-6% increase over last year. What holiday gift do you want this year? For me the new Apple Pro Ear Pods are it, matching Midnight Green for my iPhone. Have to get them now!

Barron’s magazine came out with its 2020 predictions and among them, who is going to be our next president. In a landslide, they forecast Elizabeth Warren to win the Democratic nomination and Trump to win another term by more than a 2 to 1 margin. And that is with half the USA favoring Trump being impeached. Even the NY Times who wants Trump impeached perhaps more than CNN is learning the tricks of the trade Trump has used his entire life will delay or avoid this altogether. Utterly fascinating and we’re living the moment.

Sorry but have to brag about the best powder dipping system out there and its EMMA ZIP DIP. Nothing like it with the most amazing odorless glue system and ultra fine powders. Everyone is loving it!

Last parting shot about getting “older:” You go to the mall and nothing in the stores excite you anymore. No wonder advertisers seek those 18-49 years old.

Happy Tuesday!

Someone tossed out a question that was very interesting indeed: "What was the last new thing that you did in your life that you never did before?" The reason for the question was simple enough: We are

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