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Out of Your Mind Friday

Since there are only 52 Friday's a year, this is the best day to celebrate what's on your mind since the coveted weekend is right ahead.

You can write about business, products, services, the economy, gas prices, customers, engagement or anything you can think about.

Here is my Top 10 List for the week:

1. July heat and humidity 2. GM reaches new low then rebounds sharply 3. Gehwol coming to The Industry Source September 1 4. Brisa $1.00 lamps coming January 1 (or sooner!) 5. L'Oreal reports sharply lower U.S. sales 6. Our featured story in the current issue of Beauty Store Business 7. TNG and Kemon sponsor The Gossip Girls in Detroit (this is going to be so much fun!) 8. Raquel Welch Wig & Styling Boutique underway 9. John Mulgrew from American Crew hits $110,000 jackpot and while waiting for winnings, hits another $3,000 in the machine next door (my new best friend) 10. Crunch time at TNG getting ready for SAP

Happy Friday!


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