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Pigs, Pigeons and Penguins

I spent the weekend reading about pigs, pigeons and penguins of all things.

The first book I read was Swine Not! by Jimmy Buffet. Buffet being my favorite musical artist is also quite the writer. Who else could write a story about a pig that leaves the farm and moves to New York and lives atop a luxury hotel? The pig, Rumpy, at first scares the residents of Manhattan but soon enough, with the help of pigeons, becomes the hero by saving the Mayor's mother. A truly fun summer read.

The other book I read was Our Iceberg is Melting by John Kotter (thanks Jen!). This 30-minute read business book is about change and the cute story line is about penguins living on an iceberg. One astute penguin does some research and finds that the iceberg could break at any time and suggests to the Head Penguin that everyone moves before disaster.

Most penguins don't want to move (change) and love their comfort zone. But readers learn that change is necessary for survival and growth. The penguins do move and all is well in penguin land!

Today at the Kemon Academy we have 25 Kemon Coach's learning new techniques with hair color that have yet to be introduced in the U.S. The excitement level with Kemon is amazing as we get ready to launch Kemon in other major markets later this year.

However, the Kemon story wouldn't have unfolded if we were complacent and comfortable. Our iceberg was melting and luckily, I was astute enough to change before it did melt.

The author John Kotter came up with The Eight Step Process of Successful Change. You can visit for the outline and learn other great info about change and how you can incorporate into your business.

If "Wall-E" by Pixar can gross over $62 Million over the weekend, who knows what the future can bring for  pigs, pigeons and penguins!

Happy Monday!


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