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Pinnacle Peel-Off Hand Mask

It seems once I'm on the subject of innovation, my mind can't stop. Tomorrow I'm going to blog about light therapy and the awesome benefits of it.

Today my focus is on hands. Hands if you think about them are the one set of body parts that you see virtually all day long. Whether you are driving, typing, texting, sitting, standing or eating, your hands are always visible. They have yet to come up with stockings for hands and until that day comes. . .

Pinnacle Peel-Off Hand Mask is a true solution to skin cell renewal, lightening, sun and age spots and discoloration. Women for centuries have had facials but no one has given much thought to hands.

This algae-based mask contains collagen, elastin and alpha-hydroxy acids and addresses the signs of aging and sun damage. For the price of a bottle of nail polish, you and your clients can achieve results beyond expectation.

This product is strictly professional and gives salons/spas yet another reason for consumers to visit. Try this product once and find out for yourself.

Happy Wednesday!

OMG! I am very excited to announce that my manuscript has completed the line-edit stage in record time, more than six weeks ahead of schedule. The reason why you might ask? The editor loved the manusc

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