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Popularity Reaches Cult Status

  1. Marlboro

  2. Oreo

  3. Tide (how many loads of laundry per year per person? 400)

  4. French’s

  5. M&M’s

  6. Lays

  7. Coke

  8. Honey Nut Cheerios What is the most popular snack bar? Nature’s Valley Oats Most popular movie franchise? Harry Potter of course. Is Barry Meyer, Warner Bros. Chairman one of the most brilliant movie guys ever? He paid $2M for the rights in 1998. The 8 movies have already brought over $7B in revenues. Speaking of movies, who are the three most popular guys? Leonardo DiCaprio, John Travolta, and Will Smith. Most popular business book is Strengthsfinder 2.0 by Tom Rath. YEAH! OK, this one is ridiculous. What is the most successful celebrity fragrance launch of all time? Someday by Justin Bieber. YIKES! Most popular game on is Story Cubes (very cute). And finally, since women love to shop, most popular department store is Nordstrom’s. Interestingly enough, there weren’t any personal care products listed. Hmm, I wonder if there was a special section for this products, what the brands would look like. Happy Monday!


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