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Quick Pulse of the Professional Nail Industry

I still can think of a bunch of brands we sold when we first started out in 1985: Jessica, Ladyfingers, Linen Batiste, NuArt, Silicone Shield, Faberge, Nailtex, Fingermates, and Major International. Most of the brands are long gone.

The influx of new brands over the past few years in the Professional Nail Industry (PNI) has diminished substantially. Reasons may include the growth of Asian salons, lack of product innovation, higher costs to entry or the risk/reward ratio is too high.

One of my colleagues recently told me that the Asian market is having tough times. Completely saturated in most major markets, it's the same thing Starbucks is going through--not enough customers for all the stores.

This might be the tipping point we have been waiting for to bring the PNI back into the good times experienced in the 80's and 90's. What companies will capitalize? What companies will nail techs align with? What will be the trigger point to get it started?

I have identified five key categories within the PDI:

  1. Acrylics

  2. Gels

  3. Manicure

  4. Pedicure

  5. Polish

For each category, what company do you think is the most relevant and will win market share over the next two years?

Here are some companies in no particular order that you can select from or you can select your own:

Cuccio; essie; Creative Nail Design; OPI; Young Nails; Entity; Tammy Taylor; NSI; China Glaze; Zoya; EZ Flow; Pinnacle; Gehwol.

And finally, which category do you think will grow the most?

Thanks for input and Happy Wednesday!


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