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Rapamycin: The New Miracle Drug?

If you are currently 60 years old, you have a life expectancy of 80. However, if you took a single pill once per week, you could live to 100-110 and still feel good and vibrant. But the cost is $250 per month. Would you spend the money?

What can you get for $250 per month?

1. About what smokers pay for a pack-a-day habit 2. About half what Starbuck's customers pay for a once-a-day habit 3. About what bar hoppers pay for a once a weekend habit 4. About one pair of shoes for women with a shoe fetish (virtually most)

The question begs would you pay $10 a day at age 60 to live to 100-110?

If so, in a few years or less, the opportunity may be coming your way. Forget about anti-aging lipstick, creams and potions, this is the real anti-aging dream drug that could become a reality.

Oh, you want to know the name of this dream drug? OK, I'll share the secret and while you can buy the raw version online, it is not FDA approved for anti-aging. And there are side effects (studies indicate grapefruit juice negates most of them). So when you check it out, just know that the world's top pharma companies are working around the clock to bring it to market.

One can only imagine the size of the market. But first, are you willing to pay $250 a month???

Rapamycin is the magic drug and it comes from a far away place known as Easter Island. In a fluke study with rats that you can learn more about on your own, Rapamycin was found to increase aging up to 30%.

Rapamycin is exciting. If you think of miracle drugs that are exciting in the past such as Tylenol, Advil, Lipitor and others, you know this will be big. Real big.

How big? Well, if you answered yes to spending $250 per month, really, really big.

Implications for beauty are huge. Just think how many more haircuts and manicures our industry will produce with this drug. More to come.

Happy Tuesday!


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