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Raquel Welch Wig & Styling Boutique

As a longtime supporter of The American Cancer Society (ACS) and our fight to conquer breast cancer, I have come across hundreds of women at events who have undergone chemotherapy and radiation to fight this dreaded disease. There have also been too many family members and friends that have fought the battle too.

While I am happy to say the five-year survival rate is at an all-time high, the side effects of chemotherapy haven't changed. We all know too well that the first side effect is loss of hair. Luckily, wigs are available and the appearance over the years have changed so much, most people can't even recognize a wig when they see one (in fact, 20% of all wigs purchased are bought as a fashion accessory).

My wife took one of her best friends wig shopping recently. They found a wig and the friend wore it out of the shop feeling so much better about herself. For this very reason, ACS developed the Look Good, Feel Better program (visit for more info).

But I thought about the salon community and it struck me that clients trust their hairdresser and would prefer to have their hairdresser not only recommend a wig but style it as well. Virtually all salons send their clients away because they can't offer the service (we are working on that too).

I am proud to announce that The Nailco Group through its Pavilion division is opening the first nationwide Raquel Welch Wig & Styling Boutique scheduled to open September 1.

This first-ever idea will allow the intimacy of the hairdresser/client relationship to shop the boutique, pick out the wig of choice and then style it in TheAcademy so the client walks out feeling beautiful.

The boutique will have a spa environment, private dressing rooms and more than 40 styles to select from with no special ordering required. Based on the success of the boutique, we will expand it to our other Pavilion showrooms in Chicago and Ft. Lauderdale.

Working with ACS, we are going to take the Look Good, Feel Better program to the next level. This is a truly exciting idea whose time has come.

Happy Tuesday!

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