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Right Choice, Right Time

While visiting Kemon in Italy, I was speaking with one of the managers and we were talking about fate, luck, success and so on. He then went on to share a famous quote he heard that success is based on making the right choice at the right time.

I thought about this for a moment and put all the variables together. The right choice at the wrong time is bad. The wrong choice at the right time is bad. And naturally the wrong choice at the wrong time is worse.

Everyday we make hundreds of choices. Sometimes we made decisions impulsively and later on wish we thought longer before acting. Sometimes we make choices unconsciously thinking little of the outcome. And other times, we make choices based on what we think is correct timing, i.e. it's the perfect time to go on a diet (if you chose the week prior to Thanksgiving, the timing is most likely wrong).

So next time you have to make a decision, think if it's the right choice at the right time; your chances of success will be much higher.

Happy Thursday!


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