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Salon & Spa Millage: Vote Now!

  1. Please vote for the OCC (Oakland Community College) renewal millage! Your added tax dollars are crucial in today’s economic climate to keep our 5 campuses operational. Without such funding, we will cry and our professors will have to resort to sack lunches. It’s only $81 per $100,000 and this state needs education!

  2. Please vote for Oakland parks. Parks are vital for kids, parents, animals and actually increase the value of your homes. We need the renewal millage to cut the grass, clean out the garbage cans and pay police to round up drunks. It’s only $21 per $100,000 and we need our parks!

  3. Please vote for the Ferndale library millage renewal. Without the renewal, we will not be able to subscribe to the most current magazines, pay access fees for Facebook or Twitter and certainly not afford free WIFI! It’s only $36 per $100,000 and our 79 year old librarian is not ready to retire! No kidding, I think we pay well over $1000 in millages a year alone. I thought that what property taxes were to pay for. But it appears virtually everyone wants more money than they get from property taxes so they introduce a millage. And voters with kids are sympathetic and approve. And does any millage fade away? NO! Renewals are the course of the day. I think about the Hospitality industry and they have to deal with reverse millages. I recently stayed at a hotel in New York. The rate was $199 per night. I ended up paying $296 per night.

  4. 9.5% state tax

  5. 6% city tax

  6. 3% convenience tax

  7. $10 city surcharge

  8. $4 garbage collection tax

  9. $3 no beggars in lobby tax

  10. $9 debt pay-off tax Ever rent a car? There are more fees on the invoice and you thought you were paying $29.99 a day??? So it’s time for the Salon & Spa millage. We need our salons and spas. They employ tens of thousands and provide many kinds of services. Without them, what would America look like? And since so many women are doing their services at home, we need a boost. Come August 3, vote YES for the millage, it’s only $28 per $100,000. And if you vote yes, we might even toss in a free haircut! Happy Monday!


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