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Salon or Spa?

One of my good friends who has no hair, wears cheap sunglasses and dresses only in black predicted that within ten years, the term "salon" will be extinct and be replaced by "spa."

If we go back in time, common names that resonate include "beauty parlor", "beauty shop" and "barber shop." In the 1980's, the name "salon" became ubiquitous. In the early 1990's, the name "spa" became ubiquitous. From this, the name "day spa" emerged and then a host of other names such as "destination spa", "resort spa" and so forth.

If we think about a salon, we think about hair and nail services. If we think about a spa, we think about body services. What my friend is suggesting is that we enhance the scope of services to the spa level.

For instance, instead of offering a manicure, offer a hand spa treatment. Instead of offering a pedicure, offer a spa pedicure. And instead of offering a haircut, offer a spa haircut.

My hairdresser gives me a spa haircut but doesn't call it that. I'm offered a paraffin treatment right away and that is followed by a good five minute scalp massage. Before he shaves my neck, he applies a hot towel and warms up the shaving oil. After my cut, he rinses my hair again (to get rid of all cut hair) and then finishes me up.

One of the simplest and easiest ways to upgrade a salon experience into a spa experience is to buy a hot towel cabinet (we sell thousands, priced $199-$349). Applying a hot towel to a client's hands and feet calms and relaxes instantly. And your only cost is the cost of washing the towels.

But back to the basis of this blog. Are "salons" going to be extinct and should all salons convert their names to "spas?"

I have my thoughts but would love to read yours.

Happy Wednesday!


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