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SAP Launch Countdown; 6 Days and Counting

Few things rival a company's commitment to excellence as the conversion of its database software to a new platform. In our case, the new platform is SAP, the same platform that powers more S&P 500 companies than anyone else.

For 8 months, our SAP core team has hammered away for thousands of hours to help make the conversion as smooth and easy as possible (then again, even the best root canal involves pain). I will honestly say our SAP core team rivals those of any company that has gone through this process. The fact that we are launching October 6 is a feat unto itself.

SAP defines best-practices of the world's best companies. During this 8-month period, we have had to redefine the way we do business and adapt our model so we can drive the business forward. With that said, there will be many changes all of which will contribute to enhanced 100% Customer Success.

Each and every talent is being trained this week. The core team is still working feverishly working out kinks and making sure processes are spot on. Everyone will be here over the weekend entering data and getting ready for "GO LIVE" October 6.

This is a very exciting time for TNG. While the stock markets wobble and times are uncertain, we are prepared for the future. SAP gives us the tools to become a truly global company.

Please be patient October 6 and the days afterward. There will be mistakes, errors, downtimes, and plenty of stressful moments. We will be fully prepared but we know "stuff happens." Your patience will be well rewarded. TNG will be the only SAP company in the pro beauty industry and that along with our exclusive ISO9001 certification is proof positive that we are working hard to give all our customers the best there is.

2009 will bring significant changes. We are 6 days away and although 2009 is three months away, we will be ready. Thank you all!

Happy Tuesday!


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