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sixdegrees and Gossip Girl

One of the more trendier magazines around is sixdegrees. Published in Detroit, Miami, Atlanta, and Las Vegas, the magazine is "purse" size with very cool graphics and images.

I perused the September issue yesterday and as the official magazine of Gossip Girl along with Kemon and be Pro makeup the official product sponsors, I couldn't help to revel how one could sense  something big starting to happen.

I already have had 3 salons tell me how much they appreciated being listed in the Kemon locator ad. The editorial, sponsor ads, DREAMS ad and be Pro ad have generated a lot of buzz and Detroit Gossip Girl is still 5-6 weeks away from being launched.

Auditions will take place late October at the Fisher Theater. Visit You can pre-register  and learn more about being the Detroit Gossip Girl.

If you know someone you think might make a great Gossip Girl, this is a great opportunity. Make it or not, the experience will be incredible and the networking will be memorable. And of course we're proud to have Jeph Wright represent Kemon and use Kemon products on the finalists (that alone is worth the try-out!).

Be sure to pick up a free copy of sixdegrees today. Like DREAMS, Strides and Kemon Nights, it's fun to be part of something special. Once auditions take place, we will update the back stage stuff on Check it out!

Happy Wednesday!


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