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So You Want To Be A Leader?

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  4. Business Now that you have selected your great leaders, define what made them great leaders. What qualities do great leaders hold that others covet? Great leaders lead just as great singers sing, great dancers dance and great quarterbacks win games. You can’t make this stuff up, it’s all about talent. I feel lucky each day I’m in the beauty industry and help make women more beautiful. Even in this relatively peaceful industry, leadership is difficult at best to execute properly each and every day. But let’s face, being a leader today is a thankless and anxiety-ridden position. People are quicker than ever to topple a leader for any reason. And as usual, people are hesitant to praise great leaders. The recent chain of events over the past week is historic in nature and positions future leadership as a scary metaphor:

  5. George Papandreou, Greek’s Prime Minister, resigns

  6. Silvio Berlusconi, Italy’s Prime Minister resigns

  7. Joe Paterno, Penn State’s football coach is fired

  8. Robert Ficano’s top lieutenant's either fired or resigned

  9. Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, can’t remember which departments he is going to eliminate.

  10. Herman Cain, presidential candidate, has five women ready to hold a joint press conference over sexual harassment claims Worse, we can rattle off a list of other leaders who have resigned or quit this year alone. Everything is under the microscope today. Society cannot tolerate leaders who don’t display honesty, integrity and trust at every level. But with powerful constituency’s, lobbyists, power grabs and the “good old boy” network alive and well, where will our next set of leaders come from? Happy Thursday!

OMG! I am very excited to announce that my manuscript has completed the line-edit stage in record time, more than six weeks ahead of schedule. The reason why you might ask? The editor loved the manusc

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