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Spa Service Frequency and Expenditures

So far we have learned about the spa experience, what types of variables people get from going to a spa and what kind of people attend a spa.

Today I'm going to write about which services are the most popular and how much money the average person spends at the spa.

Tomorrow I'll write about the pro's and con's people witness attending a spa. Based on the responses yesterday, there are more Escapists than Hedonists and us Escapists want our peace and quiet!

Below are the most popular services in no particular order. See if you can guess them in order from most popular to least popular:

  1. Facial

  2. Massage (all types)

  3. Hair

  4. Make-up

  5. Hands & Feet

  6. Waxing

  7. Body

Below are the average expenditures the average person spends at the spa. See if you can match up the percentage with the dollar amount:

A. Below $100        B. $100-$149         C. $150-$199 D. $200-$249 Percentages in no particular order: 19.4%; 49.5%; 14% and 10.8%.

As you can see, there are a lot of factors involved in running a successful spa. Let's see how close you on these simple questions!

Happy Wednesday!


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