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Starbuck's Gold Latest Technique to Win Loyal Customers

I was in Las Vegas years ago when I had my first Starbucks (or so I think). I remember the first Michigan store opening and was so excited. Soon there were more and soon I was an addict. I remember driving up to Muskegon cursing that there wasn't a single Starbucks in Lansing, Grand Rapids or Muskegon (now they are in all 3 cities-for now).

I am a loyalist. Now Starbucks's is coming out with a new program for it's loyalists called Starbuck's Gold. For $25 a year, you get 10% off your purchases plus other stuff. So if you spend $250 a year, you break even. At $4.00 a visit, that works out to 63 visits or more than once a week.

Years ago we had a loyalty program called first called Miles then Beauty Points. Customers received one point for every dollar purchased. In return, they received gifts or credits for redeeming the points earned. The challenge was keeping track of the points as they accumulated over long periods of time. Eventually the program went away.

So I'm thinking what about Nailco Gold? For $100 a year (our average customer spends over $1000 a year), what would our customers receive in return? As a customer, what would entice you? Discounts are tricky because some of our suppliers frown on them so there would be exclusions. I look forward to your opinions.

Happy Thursday!


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