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Strides is Coming Quickly

It's hard to believe that STRIDES is a week from Saturday on Belle Isle. From our Quarterly Meeting in March to the luncheon in August, time has flown.

This year ACS is hoping for 10,000 walkers each devoted to finding a cure for breast cancer. I think one of the most amazing things about ACS and cancer is that no matter was is happening around us from the war in Iraq, to the financial mess, to Detroit politics and now national politics, the passion to find a cure remains at heart.

As a national sponsor of STRIDES, TNG is committed to do what it takes. I applaud Liz, the team captains and the hundreds of TNG talent, family and friends that will be on the island. We are also hoping for support from our customers throughout the country. To date, we have sold nearly 20,000 ACS bookmarks and have less than 3,500 left to sell.

ACS brings hope to those in need. Hope seems to be in huge supply these days. I hope to see you next Saturday and thanks for making a difference.

Happy Tuesday!


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