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STRIDES Strides To Beat Cancer

If I was on the Norwegian Nobel committee, I would have voted for the American Cancer Society (ACS) to win the Nobel in 2009. With all the lousy news this year, who better to win the prize than the organization that gives more piece of mind to others than anyone else?

Good thing ACS doesn't need to win the Nobel to win. October is the official month for their annual STRIDES event. All over the USA in towns large and small, ACS has team captains, corporate sponsors, cancer survivors, radio and TV stations, and anyone else they can gather to gather and take part in the five mile walk to raise money (there is a one mile route for those that need a short cut).

TNG is proud not only to be a national sponsor, but also the biggest fundraiser as well. Our event takes place tomorrow morning in downtown Detroit on the lovely but windy and cold island of Belle Isle. Some 10,000 supporters will be there to celebrate life and to help make a difference so cancer patients and survivors can celebrate life for years to come. ACS now provides an endless supply of birthday candles to its survivors and the good news: every year they hand out more and more candles.

You can check the STRIDES schedule at if you are so inclined to wake up early and support ACS. TNG will be down around 8:00AM and if you have never been to a STRIDES event or on Belle Isle, this is a perfect opportunity to do both and support a great cause.

I hope to see you there!

Happy Friday!


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