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Summer is Officially Here!

  1. Morning sunshine at 5:30AM

  2. Evening sunshine at 9:30PM

  3. No more school busses

  4. No more 16 year olds driving Jeeps to school

  5. 60 degree mornings

  6. T-shirt, shorts and flip-flops on weekends

  7. Cooking and eating outside

  8. Outdoor activities beat indoor anytime

  9. No more school busses

  10. Sun dresses

  11. Jimmy Buffett at DTE

  12. thebeautybook Fall edition debuts July 1

  13. Not one, not two, but three holiday weekends

  14. Driving with the top down Alas, there are a few reasons why summer can be a bummer:

  15. Days start getting shorter

  16. No time to watch True Blood or Kitchen Nightmares

  17. Going to bed when it’s still light outside

  18. Never cool off after running

  19. Mosquitoes, vols and geese

  20. Orange barrels and more orange barrels All in all though, summer is still the best! Happy first day of summer!


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