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The Allure of Small Town America

Sometimes there's nothing better to do than get into your car and drive off the beaten path to a destination. One of my favorites is Saguatuck starting in Ann Arbor and taking Highway 12 traveling on 2-lane roads.

One of the great pleasures besides seeing countless barns and corn fields is traveling through small towns. Every town has at least one bar, two churches, VFW hall and a "cozy" cafe. Nostalgia loves cafes especially for breakfast.

For some reason, small town cafes have the best hash browns, hotcake's, and omelets with bottomless cups of hot coffee. Cafes also specialize in pies and french fries. We try to stop in as many cafes as possible.

We also love to walk around small towns. The shops are owned by small town folk and we never know what we are going to find inside. We think we are going to find stuff that is amazing and not found in the big cities. We yearn for it. But more times than not, it's just more stuff. But what fun anyway!

And being in the beauty business, what better place to find a salon or "shop" than small towns? Here you can get your haircut, nails done, get a quick tan and perhaps pick up a video or two.

Route 12 features plenty of small towns and cozy cafes. One small town even features a store with every kind of wood stove you can think of (they invented the wood stoves here). Having a beer at the bar is always good for lots of stories and history.

Destination Saguatuck is a great place to end. This small town (not really that small) features great places to eat, stay overnight and in the summer time, great beaches. You can take I-94 back and stop and visit local wineries.

Now what all this has to do with business, I'm not sure. But if you need a diversion and some time to think, this is a perfect thing to do (hey, if you are in California reading this, come up with your own side trip destination and share).

Happy Monday!


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