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The Art of Reading a Menu at 50

Statistics state that 97% of us will need reading glasses by the age of 50. While I can still see fairly decent without glasses driving and watching the Spartans, I'm definitely one of the stats when it comes to reading.

One of the most fun things about going out to eat is reading the menu. I don't know why we have such a fascination with this but we do. Even restaurants we've been to a hundred times we still read the menu like there is going to be something new on it that we must have.

While daylight menu reading is still good for me, nighttime menu reading can really suck. The first trick is to bring the menu away from your face and I always think it's funny to watch people do that. The next trick is to bring a lighted magnifier which works the best when you remember to bring it. Yet another  trick is to have your server provide a flashlight or candle.

My last trick when nothing else works is to have the BUB read me the menu. Hey, we all like story telling and this is one fun story to tell. But seriously, all we really want to do is read the blasted menu!

Readers have become a big business and I'm very happy to report that we will be selling them in the near future. Readers come in various strengths known as "diopters". We will carry the most popular of these. Our readers will range in price from $9-$20 retail and half that at wholesale.

I will buy a couple of pair for the car and travel so I will always be prepared just in case the BUB isn't around. My question to you is do you need readers and if so, how many do you own?

Now how much is that bottle of wine?

Happy Wednesday!


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