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The Bottled Water Hoax?

Growing up as a kid, we had pitchers in the kitchen. We had pitchers that held 32 oz., 64 oz., and 128 oz. We had pitchers that were clear, adorned with flowers, and some that had other designs. We had glass and plastic pitchers.

We mixed Kool-Aid, frozen lemonade, iced tea in these pitchers. But mostly, we stored water out of the tap and at dinner time, put the pitcher of water on the table and that was that.

For those that don't even know what a pitcher is, here is a classic example of a clear glass version:

Fast forward to 2009, pitchers can be found in antique and dollar stores. Perhaps one reason is because we drink everything from a bottle, including water.

Naturally this makes sense. We were born drinking from a bottle so why not continue doing so as an adult. There is a certain pleasure in doing so and when someone came up with the idea to put water in a bottle, everyone laughed.

No one is laughing now. Billion, trillion, zillions are sold each year. But the ones still laughing are the companies that produce the billions and trillions of bottled water. A report came out this week that none of the companies have to test for bacteria or anything else that might appear in the water. In some cases, the water used comes right out of the tap.

Personally my favorite water is FIJI. I know it doesn't come out of the tap and it has a great taste. Because of it, I stopped drinking water from the tap. There are no pitchers of water in our refrigerator needless to say.

What's your favorite water? Here is a test to take. Take two bottles of your favorite water. Drink one or empty one out. Fill it with tap water. Eat something salty. Then blindfolded, taste bottle #1. Eat something salty, Taste bottle #2. Then decide if you can tell which bottle is tap or bottled. You might just have the last laugh.

Happy Thursday!


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