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The Brands We Love

  1. Most popular cereal: Honey Nut Cheerios.

  2. Runners-up: Cheerios; Post Honey Bunches of Oats; Kellogg Frosted Mini Wheats

  3. Most popular color car: White (black is a close second)

  4. Most popular deodorant: Secret

  5. Runners-up: Axe; Old Spice, Degree

  6. Red wine has the edge over white wine, 47% to 40%

  7. Skim milk slams whole milk 61 to 45 servings per capita

  8. Coke is it 17% of the time. Diet Coke and Pepsi only 9.9%.

  9. We eat more chicken but beef is still up there, 87 to 66 pounds per capita

  10. Bud Light is 2-1 over its full calorie brother, Bud.

  11. White bread is losing ground to wheat bread but still #1.

  12. Most popular fruit is an orange (not for me).

  13. Shrimp wins hands-down as the most popular fish. Yes, FDA classifies shrimp as fish, not seafood. 2-1 over canned tuna. Then salmon.

  14. Orbit sells over $200 million of its gum if you can believe. Trident which used to be #1 is way back at $146 million but still second.

  15. On the booze side, Smirnoff vodka, Jack Daniel’s whiskey, Jose Cuervo tequila and Bacardi rum all #1.

  16. No wonder the French hate tourists. Paris is #1 tourist destination worldwide. U.S. is second followed by Spain, China, and Italy.

  17. Jif is #1 for more than 20 years. Skippy is #2.

  18. Vanilla ice cream creams chocolate by 2-1.

  19. #1 job in America? Retail salesclerk. 4.2 million if you can believe.

  20. Runners-up: Cashiers, office clerks, food preparation and serving workers; registered nurses.

  21. And my favorite bit from the article?

  22. What item does Walmart sell the most of?

  23. Happy Monday!

  24. [I could have made you look up the article but it’s Monday. Bananas. We eat 107 on average per year.


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