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The Buzz About The Newest Restaurant, Movie

I was in Birmingham last Saturday night trying out the newest restaurant to open its doors and most likely after our experience, close its doors.

The place was packed. The lights in the bar were bright, the portions of food light and the prices were pre-recession 2008. So what was the buzz about?

The place was new. I should have ventured over to the Townsend Hotel where the real fun was happening.

Or I could have walked over to the Palladium Theater complex and watched Zombieland. Whatever Zombieland is about, it grossed $25M over the weekend. So what was the buzz about?

It was new.

Buzz about movies and restaurants is so prevalent, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX make it a prerequisite that box office figures for the weekend are talked about on Monday. Why? Who cares? Somebody.

Zagat has made millions doing nothing but taking peoples comments about restaurants and publishing them in neat little books. Its website features new restaurants in major cities that one cannot afford to miss out.

Who cares about buzz? According to Media Life, the hot age of moviegoers is 12-24. Not only that, frequent moviegoers have something going for them, Dynamism 5s. Most likely the same can said about those that frequent new restaurants.

For better or worse, I'm not in the movie or restaurant business. I'm in the salon and spa business. A business that needs buzz to keep it relevant and alive. Witness OPI's Espana collection. It seems like consumers can't get enough of it. Why?

It is new.

We need more new in our business. When more new comes, buzz comes. Stay tuned.

Happy Tuesday!


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