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The Fascination with Vending Machines

As a kid, I used to buy Moon Pies from a vending machine in the discount store. I also bought Faygo pop for a nickel or dime (favorites were Grape, Fruit Punch, and Orange but they had to be ice cold).

I also remember the first vending machine that had the buttons to push instead of the level to pull. They were so much fun!

Personally I cannot remember the last time I bought anything from a vending machine. But we have them in our lunchrooms and they are always being restocked. The best selling items are Snickers, M&M's, salty snacks and Pepsi.

Soon you will be able to buy Apple stuff in vending machines at major airports supported by Best Buy. Macy's has been doing this for over a year.

Question is why do we have a fascination with vending machines? I mean, is there anything funnier than watching someone put a dollar bill in the slot only to see it being rejected and then the person trying again and again?

If Apple can sell iPod's and stuff, why can't we sell beauty products? Question for you is which products do you think would sell best? And if you are a vending machine addict (what word best describes a vending machine addict-Vendo?), what are your favorite items?

Happy Friday!

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