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The Industry Source Magazine Premiers...Again

We got it right this time.

I just received my preview copy of The Industry Source magazine September/October issue. The magazine replaces the tng worldwide magazine introduced this past January.

As mentioned earlier in a previous blog, we made the determination that our customers know us as The Industry Source so this is our first transition back to the way it was. The new cover is stunning and features our new logo exclusively for the magazine and thebeautybook.

tng worldwide remains our corporate name. You will continue to see this on our invoices, boxes and website.

The stores, thebeautybook and our exclusive sales division all revert back to The Industry Source. The online shopping site also reverts back to

The September/October issue also premiers the launch of phase two of our Nailco Gold program. We are testing $99 free shipping for the month of September for our members. This matches the lowest we have ever gone for offering free shipping.

Phase two also launches Nailco Gold member-only deals. We are now customizing virtually all our deals to give you the lowest possible price. Unlike previous sale prices in which all customers could get the sale price, we are now rewarding our members by giving them exclusive-only deals. Best of all, membership to Nailco Gold is still free.

Come January, phase three of Nailco Gold will launch. While I can't leak any details yet, I will say you will be extremely excited. In the meantime, enjoy the new magazine when it arrives in your mailbox over the next few days and please share your comments.

Happy Monday!

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