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The News is Getting Worse

We hate uncertainty. I have written about this before but it seems to keep coming up as of late. We hated the uncertainty of gas prices continually going up. We hated the uncertainty of the election campaign and waiting until November to find out who are next President was going to be.

We hate the uncertainty of the stock market. We hate the uncertainty of the fate of the Big 3. We hate the uncertainty of the companies we work for. And to top it all off, mostly we hate the uncertainty of not knowing when the light in the tunnel will finally shine through.

The bottom is coming but when? Employers cut a record number of employees last month; the most in 34 years. The U.S. unemployment rate is 6.7%, soon to go to 8%. Michigan already at 9.3% will most likely report close to 10% next week and that will soon to go to 12%.

Housing is a mess. We still don't know about the true financial situation as the government only tells us the most basic information. And if you got to listen to Richard Shelby, the Alabama senator grill the Big 3 executives yesterday, you know that if people like Shelby are the solution, we might as well pack up now on horse-drawn wagons.

What is one to do? It's like the doctor telling you that you have cancer. You can fight it or accept it. If you fight, you face chemo and radiation and a host of other issues none of which are pleasant.

If you want to fight the current crisis, you have to be a star. You have to excel in what you do. You have to take the lead, the initiative and learn new skills fast. You have to volunteer to do the work of 2 or perhaps 3. And if you look at your watch at 4:30 or 5:00PM, throw it out. Sure, it won't be pleasant, but you will survive. And like cancer survivors, you will be much better for it afterwards.

What do you want to do?

Happy Friday!


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