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The Party Starts Here

I was at Posh Salon on Friday morning around 11AM for a manicure. However, I thought I entered the wrong door and entered Club Posh instead.

Along with the single-packet coffee gizmo and assorted soft drinks, Mimosa's was the beverage of choice. The place was buzzing like it was Saturday night moving into the early hours.

There were kids, girls, cameras, and even a videographer. Everyone was getting their hair done, nails painted, and feet pampered. People were having fun and the buzz was aglow.

The one person really aglow was the bride-to-be. There she was having her make-up applied (up-do was already done) and being a princess for her special day. I found out from the Malibu girl next to me (she flew in for the wedding) getting little hearts put on her nails that the wedding was at 2:00, just a few short hours away.

While I didn't indulge in Mimosa's, I will say it was a great experience to be part of the action. Salons have the unique ability to transform themselves into something special. Both Tony and Jesse, co-owners of Posh have figured this out. In fact, Tony "found" the wedding party at a Starbuck's and initiated the whole thing.

Besides wedding parties, what other events can salons sponsor to bring in new guests and showcase their talents?   

Next up: home parties featuring salon products


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