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The Pedicure, A Woman's Best Friend

Yet another reason why I am happy not to be a woman involves shoes. I went to Zappo's after reading about the company in Business Week and decided to explore their selection of shoes.

I was disappointed. They only had 437 different types of shoes, 236,790 styles and colors to select from and 2,566,988 sizes within the different types. Oh, that was for open toe shoes only.

Now let's face it. Guys have 6-8 pair of shoes and wear a couple of them until either the soles wear out or the wife throws them out. Girls on the other hand have 6-8 pair of each style and last I counted, there were more than 20 styles that were "must haves."

The most popular style remains the open toe or anything that exposes all ten toes. Naturally summertime is the peak season for these shoes and thank God for them because no woman would be caught dead wearing them without having their toes done.

The pedicure has become one of the most popular salon services of all time. Home pedicures are also as popular as ever and will remain so. Personally, I think someone's toes reflects on the person's overall image of themselves so I am always keen to engage in market research. I have seen natural toes, buffed toes, neon toes, polished toes, french manicure toes and everything else in-between.

Actually getting a pedicure is a good thing. It helps to prevent fungus and nail disorders and if one has diabetes, the elimination of cutting oneself. But let's not downplay the true reason: it makes those shoes look better!

In case you were wondering, I enjoy a monthly pedicure and getting my nails buffed (the foot massage is the best part of it).

How about you? How time do you spend on your feet? And remember, pedicures are just one more reason that our industry is so great.

Happy Friday!


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