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The Salon Club

There are clubs for virtually everything that cater to frequent visitors willing to pay the privilege to be a member.

Golf, tennis, fitness, yoga, travel, airline, hotel, dining and other service establishments depend on membership for their existence.

Members are more loyal, spend more money and even brag to their friends which spurs more business.

So why not emulate this concept for salons? Most salons have regular clientele that visit weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and in this economy, less often.

Membership would give clients an incentive to frequent the salon on a regular basis since they are paying for it anyway. Members would also spend more money since they would receive member-only discounts on retail and they would also spend more money on other services.

Salons can offer different levels of membership. Perhaps a manicure membership: good for one manicure a week. Or how about a mani-pedi membership? The VIP membership package can include unlimited hair cuts, color, mani's and pedi's. In this category, specific days of the week would be required utilizing the slower times of the week. And even if members don't pay for services, they would still tip creating another income stream for talent.

Salons can even have a member-only lounge with WIFI, coffee, soft drinks and a relaxation area.

Pricing would be annual and would be paid in one payment at signing or monthly auto payments. Clubs know that members never use the facilities as much as they think they will so earnings selling memberships is better than selling day passes.

For a few smart salon owners, this might be a good idea for 2010.

Happy Monday!


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