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The Snooze: Almost the Best Invention

Marc Davis woke up alarmed. His heart fluttered. He was in a daze. He knew something was wrong but not quite sure. And then his wife told him he slept through his snooze button. Marc was confused because he never does that but he was reassured by the "I know something you don't know" expression on his wife's face that clearly said he inadvertently hit the "off" button instead of the snooze button.

We all know that feeling. It's among the worse especially if your door bell is ringing and the person outside has his car running because he is picking you up to go to the airport.

I recall doing it at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. I had an important breakfast meeting downstairs at 7:30AM. The phone rang at 7:45AM and when I awoke to the noise, I noticed the clock and knew I was cooked.

At the end however, the snooze is one of the best inventions of all times. Story has it that Lew Wallace invented the damn thing but we don't how he profited from it. The story continues that he never used his own invention.

But I do. Every week day. I'm a "oncer" meaning I only use it once. I think my snooze button is 9 minutes and let me tell you, that's among the best 9 minutes of the day.

I'm lucky. If I am dreaming something, I can go back into the dream after hitting the button. Sometimes I know instinctly while sleeping that the alarm is going to go off just a few seconds before it does (I hate that) because then I have to wait for the alarm to go off or else I can't hit the snooze.

Marc Davis loves the snooze button. I'll bet that it will be a long time before he hits the off button again. But for Marc, the worse case scenario is that he shows up a few minutes late to work out and get verbal abuse. But the good news is his heart rate is already elevated.

Happy Friday!


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