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The Ubiquitous Greeting Card

You wake up in the morning, check your calendar and see that it's someone's birthday or anniversary coming up. That means you need to buy a card. The dreaded thought goes through your mind: when and where am I going to buy a card.

E-cards started out with a bang. Nothing to dread, no stamps to buy and no addresses to locate. Simple, direct and you knew the recipient got it on time.

But e-cards proved to be too impersonal. How funny is that? People are twittering about when they flush the toilet, brush their teeth and make their bed. But e-cards are too impersonal.

So that brings me to today's question: Where do you buy greeting cards? And in order of importance, let's add some bonus questions!

1. Are you brand sensitive (are you a Hallmark shopper?)? 2. Are you price sensitive (do you buy cards at the Dollar Store?)? 3. Do you buy because of convenience (closest place to buy a card)? 4. Finally, do you keep stamps at home or do you hope that the store you buy your card sells stamps?

Which reminds me, there are a lot of birthdays coming up! Max is turning (gulp) 53, Tony is turning (gulp) 55. I will need to buy a couple special cards.

Happy Wednesday!


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