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thebeautybook Fall 2010 Edition Hits The Streets

  1. Combs, combs and more combs. Is there any item in professional hair care that gets so little attention? Perhaps it’s time to bring the comb back and into the spotlight! Not only do we now have combs in many colors, styles, but we can add your logo, individually wrap and even come up with a custom color. Combs are also available case pack to pricing is amazing. All from American Comb.

  2. FHI irons and dryers are back after a brief absence. FHI is rated among the leaders in high end, quality-driven appliances.

  3. CHI ceramic nail lacquers contain silk and nano silver technology to deliver results. The Industry Source is the exclusive USA distributor.

  4. Epillyss has been expanded and now includes their ultra hot Novatherm Hard Wax.

  5. I love the new Black Granite and Stainless Steel pedicure bowls by Pedicure Bowls.

  6. Mentioned earlier, the new ProLinc Spa Gel Toe Separators can be cooled or heated for ultimate comfort.

  7. Jessie Steele has a new lineup of smart aprons and capes. Even with the Internet, people still love catalogs they can hold in their hands and relax with. This one I am sure will be one you spend many hours with. Enjoy. Happy Monday!


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