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thebeautybook Spring 2010: Renewed Optimism

Finally, 2010 is here. Memories of the previous year and decade will linger for far too long but at least it's over. We can now focus on the next decade and especially this new year.

This is the year that we need to move our outer lips in the up direction instead of the down direction. This is the year in which we can't wait for something to happen, we have to make it happen.

This is the year of renewed optimism. Consumers see the first half as still difficult but see the second half with bright eyes and the sun finally breaking through the clouds. If you were ever in Florida on vacation and all it did was rain, then you know the feeling the first day the sun shone bright.

thebeautybook Spring 2010 is filled with renewed optimism. We reinvented the book and the look. Early responses have been terrific. There are new lines such as Spa Ritual and Ceripil, perennials like OPI (new Hong Kong collection), CND and FPO. And there is a brand new product called Forever Natural that's bound to be a major hit.

More importantly, thebeautybook Spring 2010 brings the arrival of a new year, new decade and new inspiration. This week I'll write about more stuff we are doing to help make 2010 the year to remember on the "happy" side.

Happy Monday and welcome back!


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