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Things We Hate When We Are Late

I'm an on-time type of guy. In fact, I always like to be a couple minutes early than a couple minutes late. "On-timers" relate to each other and hate the "too-laters." The too-laters are always late and whether it's a couple of minutes or longer, they always seem to have an excuse why.

One answer I have is that it is in our DNA to be on time or late. Inevitably, we are always late at one point in our lives and it seems the craziest things happen at the same time. Here is my list of the things we hate when we are late:

1. You hit every red light. 2. You need to fill your gas tank. Now I don't know about you, but can those reels move any slower when you are filling up and want to go? 3. You need to go to the bathroom. 4. You are behind the slowest driver and can't pass. 5. Airport security is down to one lane. Worse: you get beeped and have to be hand patted. 6. You get lost and miss the crucial exit. 7. A phone call, email and text message come at you simultaneously right before you get to where you need to be. 8. You need a pen to write something down and there isn't one anywhere. 9. You forgot your ticket or passport. 10. You need to call to let the person know you are late and don't have the number or lose cell service.

You see, now you know why it's so much better to be early and/or on-time, and that doesn't even take into consideration the stress "on-timers" have to deal with the "too-laters!" For 2009, have a sense of urgency and be on time.

Happy Tuesday!


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