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Three Weeks To Christmas

The government announced today the first decline this year in the unemployment rate to 10%. November car sales inched up to the 10.9 million level from 10.5 million the month prior. However, retail sales were down suggesting more promotions and markdowns coming.

While the news is up and down, the fact that Christmas is coming in only 3 weeks is dead on. I can't believe it. In fact, I still can't believe that Thanksgiving was a week ago today. Time is marching forward.

Christmas still means gift giving and even though 2009 has been the toughest year on record, gifts will still be bought.

What better way to get into the gift giving mood than deciding what gifts to buy. Based on bebeautiful stats this season, anything that "plugs in" is hot and skin care gift sets are also hot.

So let's have some fun and figure out the list.

21. Sweater

20. Shirt

19. Socks

18. Underwear

17. Scarf

16. Gloves

15. Jeans

14. DVD

13. CD

12. Electronic game/WII

11. Fragrance

10. Make-up kit

9. Skin care kit

8. Boxed candy

7. Thing that "plugs in"

6. Anything Apple

5. Jewelry

4. Gift card

3. Flat screen TV

2. Cash

1. Donation to someone in need

What does your list look like?

Happy Friday!


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