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Time Out To Write A Book

Updated: May 12, 2023

Happy New Year! I meant to post this three weeks ago but I never thought January 24 would come so fast after January 1. Looks like 2023 is going to go by even faster than 2022. Is that possible?

You might be wondering why I haven’t posted recently. I decided to take time out and write a book. The book will highlight my entrepreneurial career from the age of 9 to current. That’s a lot of fucking years. Surprisingly, writing the book has been quick and smooth. I’m starting to write Chapter 18 today which goes through the history of Gaynor’s Health & Beauty Aids right before Nailco Manicurist Centers was launched in 1985.

It is quite fascinating writing this book. What is especially fascinating is how I recalled so many details from events that were more than 40 and 50 years ago. The book is non-fiction and is about my life as an entrepreneur with the focus on starting Nailco and how it ended up being TNG Worldwide. The three themes surrounding the book are all about being an entrepreneur: Magic, Curses and Luck. I have always said that living life is about 1/3’s: Luck, genes and how you take care of yourself.

The reader will be truly entertained because the book is going to be an excellent outline how business and technology evolved for more than 50 years. More importantly it highlights the start of true product innovation and the start of so many new industries only to see most of them fade into the sunset.

I hope to complete the book this spring and then take it to an editor or publisher for review. I have no idea if I will print 10, 100, 1000 or more copies. That really doesn’t matter to me. What matters is those that want to learn about my history and the history of retail in general, they will be mesmerized. I have five beta readers giving me feedback as I send them completed chapters and it is very encouraging because they want more chapters sooner than later to read.

I am going to pause the blog so I can focus all my efforts on the book. Surely my blog will be included in the book along with so many other tipping points that happened in my life. But the book isn’t just about my life, it is about the life of so many others that I came in contact with and their stories are sometimes just as fascinating to read. For those that have been with me during my journey, I am sure you will love the book when it finally comes out. I will be sure to blog when that happens!

Happy Tuesday!


Adam Harris was born in coal country, right in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. His father, Gregory, worked the mines every day and came home to his best friend, Jim Beam. Gregory had many frie


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