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TNG 2.0/SAP Live Today on Schedule!

After 8 grueling months in the war room, TNG 2.0/SAP is live today. Like riding the Demon Drop, getting rear ended or bungy jumping, words cannot describe the experience.

This past weekend was like Detroit getting ready for the Super Bowl. There was Joee walking around with her laptop weaving through the call center; Mo (Maureen) was hunched over a CSSR explaining how to maneuver;  Craig after doing an all-nighter with barely 90 minutes of sleep was doing fine in his office typing away like he was putting the final touches on his PhD dissertation.

Shawn was floating over the Financial Solutions department after devouring 10 Tom's Mom's cookies. Luckily AP rolled over to the penny and inventory came in under .2% of actual value. That alone deserved a couple more cookies which he promptly ate.

There was Pete, the owner of Entrypoint who convinced us late last year that SAP was the way to go and told us his team was going to take us to the promised land. In his bright orange shirt the same color as his face, he actually lived up to his promise--albeit a half-million more than budgeted.

There was the rest of the core team plugging away. Saturday was like being down 21-3 at half time. Stress, nerves and M&M's doing down at all time highs. But the TNG team stuck together and knew they were going get through this and win.

Sunday came and spirits rose like Halloween eve and the goblins and monsters were struck down. People were actually smiling and grinning and Pete was actually "cocky." After working tirelessly, many left around 3:30PM to get some rest. Final score: TNG won by two touchdowns (unlike the Lions who lost by four).

Today marks a new beginning for TNG. There will be issues, cracks, and a few ghosts trying to rear their ugly heads. But we will prevail as we always do.

TNG 2.0/SAP is real. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Happy Monday!


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