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TNG Community

Last Saturday TNG held its annual meeting to review 2009 and share our strategy for 2010. it was fun, inspiring and best of all, there was a touch of optimism that 2010 will be a year we want to remember.

One of the highlights of the meeting was the sense of community. These are the toughest of times. Yet in only 48 hour advance notice, our talent donated more than two pallets of non-perishable food items to Forgotten Harvest.

Moreover, I learned that TNG adapted two families in need. In both instances, generous donations were made on our talent's behalf to assure a merry Christmas for them.

And finally, collectively we raised more than $100,000 for the American Cancer Society in 2009, the 8th straight year we raised at least over $100,000.

What makes this more remarkable is that none of us at TNG are "fat cat bankers." While we live in a depressed state and look outside and see gray skies, we still have an inner well-being that keeps hope in mankind alive and well.

Happy Monday!


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