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TNG Worldwide Earns Best Places to Work Second Year in Row

The Detroit Free Press in its Second Annual Best Places to Work contest announced the results this past Sunday. TNG once again earned a spot in the Medium Companies (150-500 employees) category.

In all, 75 companies made the grade so being one of them is a great achievement (although there are some outside of Michigan that may wonder if there are even 75 companies left in business).

It's not easy to win. The DFP sends out an electronic survey to the company employees to complete and some of the questions are very tricky. For instance, if you answer a "5" (on a scale of 1-5) to all the questions, you will be tricked because some of the questions are worded where a "1" is the best answer.

In the end, employee engagement counts. Of all the things we do as a company that I think engagement rocks the most, it has to be the company barbeques. In fact, I would have to say it's the all beef hot dogs that earned the prize. A close second would be the marinated chicken breasts sliced on top of a fresh-made feta cheese salad. Yes, food is huge. It's no wonder once someone gets engaged there is a party featuring what else but food!

I know for us to have a chance in 2010, I cannot run out of the dogs. And believe me, we won't!

In the meantime, we are bringing back an old tradition, our holiday tree lighting ceremony. This year it will be held November 4 at 5:30PM. We will feature Christmas songs, hot cider and donuts and holiday cheer (we certainly need it this year). So if you are around Haggerty between 9-10 Mile Road, stop on by and help cheer on the holiday spirit.

In the meantime, thanks to all our TNG talent for making TNG one of the best places to work.

Happy Tuesday!

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