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Too NAKED Hair Removal Brings True Innovation to Category

Too NAKED Balm with Decelerine Complex (DC). DC has effectively proven to be a key ingredient in the elimination of hair. After waxing, apply Balm over the treated area. The DC penetrates the hair follicle and over time reduces the follicles ability to regrow hair. Hence, hair becomes thinner and thinner over time. Balm also contains Allantoin, fruit acids, Aloe Vera and glycerin to reduce any redness during waxing.

Azulene and Pink Pearl strip-free wax beads make their debut. Priced at less than $20 for a 28.8 oz. box, the product is about half the price of competitive products. Best of all, both products perform as well or better. Azulene is made from the finest wax and can be used on all areas of the body. Pink Pearl is made from synthetic wax free of beeswax (to those allergic to this) and is excellent for fine hair and sensitive areas.

32 Million, 14%, -2.7%, Gallup Rules

2024 is only one month old but my, how much has changed in such a short period of time. My upcoming book is really four-books-in-one. And the timing of my book couldn't be better. Part One: Amazon. I

Happy New Year!

There's nothing like the start of a new year to bring optimism, change and hope. Of course it all starts with you and your mindset: Self-love is the most important love and if you love yourself, then

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