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Top 10 Cleaning Products

Do you ever wonder why you buy and use the cleaning products that you have in your home? Most likely you grew up with the products, liked them, and decided to continue to buy them. Just think how tough it would be for you to switch to another brand.

For windows, the BUB has to have Windex. Now I have brought home other brands including the new organic ones; green formulas; concentrated formulas and guess what? They all go in the trash.

Is there another bathroom cleaner besides "scrubbing bubbles?" I know Max is an expert on toilet cleanings (he even has custom plungers in designer colors).

Can you not live without the smell of Pine Sol? And what is so fantastic about Fantastik? And why is it called Formula 409 instead of 309 or 429?

One product that I couldn't live without is Bar Keeper's. This is the best for pots and pans. For dust, Endust is my choice. I grew up with Lemon Pledge and I'm sure that is someone's favorite.

Fact is, we are very particular about our cleaning potions. Did Mr. Clean have the greatest marketing campaign ever? You can buy a similar product in a gallon size for the same price but it doesn't have Mr. Clean on the label.

Remember Comet and Ajax? They were heads-up competitors. But with granite and laminate surfaces everywhere, their popularity went down. But they are still good for kitchen sinks.

Is it Drano or Liquid Plumr? Can you even think of another brand to unplug drains? Most likely not.

I think we are more engrained in this category than any other category and we don't even know it.

OK, it's time for your Top 10 can't do without list. Let's see if there are any surprises.

Happy Wednesday!


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