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Top 10 Unique Gifts

Ah the pleasure of shopping for a gift. &@%&!! There is no pleasure in gift shopping.

It's no wonder that flowers, candy, fragrance, candles, music and books top the list. Simple and easy. But oh so boring.

Some of us have a mission to find that perfect gift. That one unique gift that when presented to a friend or family member, when opened, the person will smile and be so happy to receive. The one gift that actually might not be returned for store credit. Yes, those gifts do exist. But where?

Daniel bought me a Kindle for Father's Day. He loaded up the fourth Twilight book and I gave it to the BUB to read. If she passed the Kindle test, it was mine to keep. While the Kindle didn't pass the BUB test, it was still a unique gift.

So what unique gifts have you recently bought that have been a hit? Try to keep your list to under $50 and perhaps one splurge item over $50.

Happy Wednesday!


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