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ULTA Plows Ahead Seeking Salon Product Domination

  1. Focus on services and maintain a non-commitment to retail

  2. Focus on “exclusive” brands such as Kerastase, Bumble & Bumble, and Oribe

  3. Focus on niche brands new to the marketplace not sold at ULTA Believe it or not, even when ULTA does get to 1000 stores, they will only represent less than 1% of the salon universe. This suggests that salons still have a competitive advantage much like a locally owned restaurant has over a chain. But like the locally owned restaurants that compete with chains, even though the owner/chef may not eat burgers, fries and pizza, they know their customers can’t get enough of it. Salon owners as well will need to change their mindset and start offering brands that consumers want to buy regardless of what their likes or their stylists likes are. Two brands that are perfect examples of this include Morocannoil and black 15in1. Morocannoil is not sold at ULTA. Demand from consumers is intense. Every smart and savvy salon using the new paradigm should sell Morocannoil and become a Moroccanoil Loyalty Salon. The opportunity for salon owners is limited and they must jump on the bandwagon when they can and cash in. It took industry pioneers to launch salon retail products. It will take industry pioneers in 2012 to rethink salon retailing philosophy and in doing so, they too will make a killing. The landscape is set and ready for take-off. Happy Thursday!


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