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Vitamin D3 Vaults Into Vitamin Kingdom

A long, long, long time ago business associate stopped by yesterday to say hello and tell me about his latest discovery that came about by happenstance.

I remember Ed back when he worked for Revlon Professional in the early 90's. Whatever Ed has in his bag, Ed sold and would tell you it's the latest and greatest product ever. One such item was Viola hair color. At the time we didn't even sell full service hair products but Ed knew that it would sell well (truth is we never bought it because Revlon wouldn't sell it to us and it bombed anyway).

Ed finally retired but never really. Always looking for something hot and new, he stumbled onto flavored coffee syrups before Starbucks came to town. Alas, that lasted a short time.

Then Ed stumbled in Monster energy drink, Jones soda and everything was rosy until ownership changed and Ed was back looking for something else.

I've seen clean air machines, water filters, bottled water, and who knows what else. But Ed doesn't stop. His latest item is Vitamin D3 delivered in a one dose spray. One bottle is good for 365 doses and retails for $20. Ed brags that the product is animal-free, 100% vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and only contains pure blueberry extract for flavoring.

Ed tells me that we went to a D3 seminar in Marshall (hey, there are seminars for everything) and that the doctors in attendance all agreed that D3 is king of vitamins. Apparently we are all deficient in D3 and doctors are prescribing it in record amounts. D3 is good for bones, fighting cancer and many other things.

To keep Ed happy, I told him I would share the product with my sales team the following day. With 11 in the room, I was shocked to find that 8 in fact take D3 daily in a pill form (Calcium added).

So here's the question for you: Do you take D3 daily and if so, would you buy a FDA approved spray delivery instead of taking pills?

And don't answer yes just to make Ed happy. The fact that he got to pitch yet another item to me has already made his month.

Happy Wednesday!


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