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We Want To Know, And Now!

UPS and FEDEX next day air envelopes. Who invented them? People who want to know and now! And people who want others to know and now!

I have received my fair share of these envelopes filled with bad news. I don't have enough fingers to count the number of times we lost a line for one reason or another. So I sympathize for the Chrysler and GM dealers who got their letters last week. And for those that will get their letters over the next few weeks.

No matter what, we still want to know, good news or bad. I was on my i-Phone and an alert came up that I had to update some of my downloads. I pressed "OK" and immediately the status bar pops up and slowly moved from left to right assuring me when the download will be completed.

I was crossing the street the other day and I noticed the new timers letting pedestrians know how much time they had left to cross the street. It started at "30" and even when it read "3", people were still crossing. But hey, at least we now know how many seconds we have to cross.

We need to know doctor tests now. We need to know how long it will take to reach our destination whether in the car, plane or train. I was on the new Delta plane and the pilot said over the intercom the flight will take 4 hours, 1 minute and 30 seconds. Five minutes later the lead flight attendant told us the same thing. After take off, we were told the same thing. And every 30 minutes, more updates.

We need to know who called. Can  you imagine coming home and seeing the answering machine blinking and not pushing the button? When our Blackberry beeps, we need to know who it is. Mind you, I wouldn't ever own one of those things but it amazes me when I see people who do look at and decide who is important enough to reply back.

We need to know what we got on exams. We need to know if we got accepted or won the award. We need to know the score of the Wings game when it's played out West. We need to know what time the kids are coming home.


And then what do we do when we find out what we needed to know? Mostly, nothing.

Happy Tuesday!


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